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We are the big boys of Big Rig Rescue. You won’t get a more passionate team of truckies at your call, to help you out when you need to get back on the road again. Our team are hugely experienced and we carry in our fleet some of the most specialised equipment on our Rigs, ensuring we are efficient, minimise damage and risk and of course, know how to transport safely.

We take pride on our fleet of state of the art trucks and transporters that help us get the job done smoothly and effectively even in the most challenging situations.

We have two specialised, high security yards located in Rotorua and Taupo if you need to store your truck or machinery for a while, which ensures any cargo you are transporting is in safe hands.

We are skilled and experienced in handling safety precautions required of us to operate on State Highways and forest roads, so you can relax.

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Been in an accident?  Stuck and you can’t get out?  Things gone pear-shaped?  Talk to our professional staff and we’ll get the team on your case.

Working with the professionals

Our team have over 100 years combined experience. We have the know-how, the commitment to a speedy and top quality service. Be sure to check out our gallery and meet our team. Trucks are our lives too, so trust us to get it right.

With branches in Rotorua and Taupo, we can access you anywhere in the Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau region and beyond. We are happy to quote for a job and you can rest assured that our advice and commitment to you will get you on the road again (or off the road) in no time.

We regularly work with the Police, as a preferred service provider too.


We have the best team and gear of course!

The most challenging task in towing is recovering wrecked or damaged trucks and equipment. We are drivers too, we know time is money and work quickly to get the best outcome for you.

When it comes to towing, a monster is needed to haul a monster. Big Rig Rescue have an arsenal of heavy duty tow and transportation trucks on standby at our Rotorua and Taupo locations.


Hydraulic Under Lift

Our extremely low, modern long reach under-lifts manufactured by Ekebol Engineering. These under-lifts are designed to hydraulically reach under the front or rear of trucks / equipment to safely lift on springs or axles and tow.

These systems are particularly useful for vehicles with low bumpers and fairings, there is no need to remove and refit these so it speeds up the recovery and repair process.

Drive-shaft removal is recommended for all frontal towing to ensure the drive train is not affected.

These systems have superseded the ‘pole towing’ method, which is unsafe and illegal in other countries.


Hydraulically Extendible Crane Booms

The hydraulically extendible booms provide an extra option to our recovery trucks and enable us to carry out controlled righting of a rolled over vehicle as well as lifting off barrier arms, tree stumps and out of drains etc.

Our hydraulic booms are rated to lift a heavy vehicle off an object or put back on its wheels.


SP 850-XP"Hydraulic Pivoting Stiff-Leg" - WAR Machine

All recovery operators have experienced the problems of having traffic backed up with a casualty down in a ravine and the law enforcement not wanting to block lanes of traffic. The SP 850-XP option can solve these types of situations with a pivoting hydraulic stiff-leg to handle tough side pull recoveries and eliminate the need to block more lanes of traffic than necessary.

Powerful Winches

Our Recovery Trucks are fitted with powerful multi-winches, which are rated to winch 100 tonne plus to salvage a wide range of Trucks, Buses and other equipment in various situations.

Recovery Equipment

All our trucks are equipped with a huge range of tools as well as a range of salvage straps, strops, chains, gas cutting equipment, lighting, spades, chainsaws, cones, spill grit etc for any scene we are dispatched to.

Hydraulic Stabiliser Legs

These long hydraulic stabiliser legs provide additional stability to the recovery vehicle, which enables them to anchor the recovery vehicle while winching / lifting.

5th Wheel

Recovery trucks are fitted with 5th wheel trailer attachments, which allow us greater flexibility when attending jobs.

High-Pressure Air Mats

High-pressure air mats are able to lift from 20-30 tonne enabling us to carry out ‘first-lifts’ on vehicles.

Coach Lifting Attachments

Trucks are equipped with specialist Tour Coach and Bus lifting attachments.

Wireless Remote Controls

Wireless remote controls speed up recovery work and save time.

Air Tools

We carry a wide range of air tools for quick recovery.

Have you been in an accident?





If you have been in an accident, first and foremost, check that everyone involved is ok and move to a safer area.


Call 111 if someone has been hurt or if you suspect someone has been hurt. We would suggest that the police are called in any instance, as keeping traffic flowing safely will be essential. You will be required to stay on the line, so have a second person or phone to call us asap as this won’t be done for you.


Even if your vehicle is blocking traffic, leave it where it is, particularly if there is uncertainty about what happened in the accident.



27Hr: 0800 777 875


Big Rig Rescue is a Division of Truck Towing Company (NZ) Limited.

We are a 24 hour towing assistance provider for Rotorua, Taupo and Central Plateau regions.  Call us if you need a rescue!


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“Thank you for the efficient service on the job, and the personality and skills of your man on the job…hence the prompt payment in appreciation…and needless to say I will sing your praises whenever I can.”

“Not only was it a scary experience to roll our fully laden Volvo down a bank on a State Highway, it was also a logistical nightmare. Fortunately for us, Big Rig Rescue were able to salvage our truck with their specialised gear and years of experience with similar situations. They managed traffic well, they got the job done quickly and were able to assist in salvaging cargo.
We were glad to have had Big Rig Rescue recommended to us and we happily recommend Brooke and the Team to everyone else!”